A New Mall Is Rising At The Heart Of Cebu IT Park

Places | September 19, 2019

screen grab from ayala's cebu holdings website

Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), one of the biggest real estate developer in the country has invested Php8 billion to an integrated mixed-use estate that will rise at the The Central Bloc in Cebu IT Park. Part of this integrated mixed-use project is Seda Hotel, Ayala's very own hotel brand. It will also include the first and most anticipated mall at the heart of Cebu IT park called The Ayala Malls Central Bloc.

Aside from the hotel and the mall, another part of this project which is already open to the public is the "Garden Row". This is the first phase of the project that includes an open garden similar to the Ayala Terraces. Garden Row is located just across the The Ayala Malls in Central Bloc.

Latest Updates

Fews days ago, I happen to pass along this area and took some pictures with the intention to give updates to those who have not been able to visit Cebu IT park lately. Here are some of those pictures:

First one below seems to be one of the mall's entrances located in front of the Ceres Bus waiting area. As you can see this part is almost done, they only need to do some clean-up in front to remove the blockages and do some work to fix the sidewalk.

Moving to the other corner of the bloc, you can see this large tarp with "Ayala Malls Central Bloc" in it.

The picture below is the mall fronting the Skyrise 1 building. This part is almost done as well and just need some clean-up to clear the pathways from blockages. There is also an entrance in this side which I had not able to take a picture.

Below is another entrance to the mall fronting the Garden Row. As you can see this is also almost done and ready for the opening.

This is how the mall looks like across the street fronting the Garden Row. You can see the mall is almost ready and only need some clean-up to free the sidewalk from blockages.

This one looks like another entrance but I am not quite sure if this leads to the hotel or to the mall or both.

This is how the mall looks like from afar. I took this picture from the Garden Row park. This is really cool to think that a mall is finally rising at the heart of Cebu IT Park.

According to the report of the The Freeman the mall is going to open this October. What do you think about this? Are you excited to the opening of this mall? Let us know in the comment section below.

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