Guide on How To Send Money to Palawan Express Using BPI Online

Finance | November 21, 2020

There is a new way of sending money that does not require the sender to go to the money transfer outlets to do the transaction. All the sender needs is a laptop or a smartphone, an internet connection and a BPI account. This feature is very convenient and creates a new way of sending money to our loved ones

What are the steps?

1. Go to BPI Online and click the 'BPI to Cash' button. If you are using a browser you can find this button by clicking on the 'Inquiry and other servces' below the 'Log-in' button. For those using mobile app, scroll-up a bit and you can see the 'BPI to Cash' card.

BPI to Cash web

BPI to Cash button in a browser

2. In the BPI to Cash page, fill-up the below information needed for the transaction.
-Amount, Receiver's Name, Receiver's Mobile Number
Then, select the payout partners where you want to send the money through. There are three outlets available: Palawan Express, Cebuana and MLhuillier. BPI to Cash form

Fill-up this form with the needed details.

3. After selecting the payout partner, the 'Next' button will appear. An instruction on how to get the money being sent also appears below it. Please note on that instruction because you will relay it to your intended receiver. In this guide, I selected Palawan Express as payout partner so the instruction presented is specific for Palawan Express.

bpi to cash palawan instruction

4. Click 'Next', the page will update and prompt you to enter a valid email address.

5. Enter a valid email address. The 'Login' button will appear once you enter a valid email.

bpi to cash login to account

6. Click the 'Log-in' button to redirect to the log-in page of your BPI online account. Read carefully the information presented before entering your log-in information.

bpi to cash login to account

Log-in page of your BPI online account

7. Enter your log-in information and click 'Accept'. It will redirect you to the page that will initiate the sending of OTP (One-Time-PIN). In this page, the information about the transaction is displayed above it, double check the details before clicking the pay button.

BPI to Cash OTP

8. Once you clicked the pay button, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP in the below field, then click 'Proceed'.

BPI to Cash processed

9. The page will update and prompt you with a message that the cash sending is processed. It will also show you the transaction information, like the amount being sent, total amount deducted from your BPI account, Receiver's name and most importantly the Code/Reference number.

BPI to Cash processed

10. Take note of the reference number and send it to your receiver. Inform the receiver that he/she will need to provide this reference number to the payout partner. The receiver must also need to inform the payout partner that the transaction is a BPI to Cash. The receiver must also bring a valid ID and present it to the payout partner.

I hope that this guide helped you in doing this transaction. Please note that BPI imposed a cutt-off for this feature. Transactions done on or before 1:30PM will be available for claim after 4 hours, those that are beyond 1:30PM will be available the next day. Please also note that the service is a bit expensive at Php99/transaction.

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