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Five Skills That You Should Start Learning In 2018

Technology | January 1, 2018


In this modern times, where data is the king, every companies around the world are racing to develop the most efficient tool that can transform data into a very useful information. And while the race continues, it is not too late yetnto start learning the necessary skills to join the race.

Learning the basic maybe hard at first, but once you build that momentum, your progress will become unstoppable. Below are five of the basic skills that are very useful in dealing with data.

1. Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is one of the most powerful tool ever developed in the computer age. It is a spreadsheet program that automates a lot of computing tasks, from basic Math to complex Geometry and Accounting calculations. Most companies are using Excel to process and analyze data.

If you do not have any basic knowledge about MS excel, tutorialspoint has a very organized lessons about it. You can also search excel tutorial videos in youtube like the one from MotionTraining channel.

2. Python Programming Language

Everyone is driven to a world where everything is automatic. And most of the automation tasks are being developed through programming. However, most of the popular programming languages being used today, requires too much time to learn.

Languages like Java, Swift or C# are too complicated to learn in just a couple of weeks or months. They are so hard for some, that they even give up learning the basic.

But if you have the determination and interest to learn, experts advised that you should start with the language that is already popular, powerful and yet very simple and easy to learn.

Such language exists in the like of Python. It is very popular in different industry, it is powerful but yet simple and easy to understand.

Most importantly, it is free to use and does not require too much resources. All you need to do is to install it, follow the set-up instructions and then start creating your program.

Like MS Excel, Python has a lot of free tutorials in the internet. You can also find it in tutorialspoint.

3. Structured Query Language

According to W3School, Structured Query Language or SQL, is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in the database.

The most common practice of storing data is through a database technology kown as Relataional Database Management System (RDBMS) which can be efficiently and conveniently access using the SQL language.

Though, there are already new technologies being developed that do not involved SQL, such as Apache Hadoop and MapReduce, SQL is still going to be popular and widely used. This is because most industries in the Philippines are not yet ready to shift into these new technologies probably due to cost, time and resources it will take to implement.

You can start learning the basic of SQL in W3Schools or in tutorialspoint. You can also visit the official Oracle documentation of the language or its open source variant mySQL.

4. Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript

If you want a different kind of challenge, you can start learningWeb Development. Start with the basic by learning how to build the basic framework of a website using HTML5. Once you have familiarized yourself about it, you can then proceed learning CSS. Both languages are very easy to use and understand and does not require expensive resources. All you need is a text editor like Notepad++ and good browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once you have mastered those two languages, you may proceed learning JavaScript.

Both HTML5 and CSS can be learned parallel to each other. However, it is advisable that you start JavaScript once you have learned the basic of HTML and CSS.

W3Schools offers a very complete, organize and simple tutorials. It also has a lot of examples to work with. You can also try web development in tutorialspoint.

5. Statistics

I know this one may sound weird on the first thought but once it sink-in to your mind, you will begin to realize that this one is never an outlier. Instead, it is one of the most important skills to have in dealing with data.

When we deal with data transformation, we are always aiming to convert data into something meaningful or useful to the users. This is where Statistics come into play. It understands data very well and tame it like no other. And because we are currently living in a world where data is king, if you know Statistics you can tame the king. And once you tamed the king, you will rule its kingdom!

If you want to learn more about Statistics, tutorialspoint has an organized lesson about this topic. I have also found a video tutorial on Statistics in Udacity's channel in Youtube.

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