The Virtual World At SM Seaside

Cebu | November 12, 2019

If you are looking for a safe yet exciting and full of thrill adventures but do not want to go outside the city, then one good destination for you is the Virtual World located in SM Seaside City in Cebu's South Road Properties. This place offers a lot of indoor games that are mostly played and engaged through virtual reality devices.

It offers a variety of experiences from horror to exciting adventures. Some of the games available in Virtual World are roller coaster rides, motorcycle racing, laser maze, kinect dance and more.

Roller Coaster/Horror Ride

First to try when you visit this place is the roller coaster or horror ride. This can vary according to your preference, when we try this one we chose the horror ride. It is exciting and if you are easily scared by ugly faces and blood this one is not for you. Maybe you can try the roller coaster or the one that swings you like crazy (I forgot the name of that but it was really cool).

This ride is really going to trick your mind as you will really think and feel you are riding a real roller coaster. You will ride this vehicle while wearing the virtual reality device. The vehicle will simulate the movement of the rides while the virtual reality device will trick your mind based on the 3-dimensional videos shown by the device.

Zombies and More Zombies

If you are the type that is easily got bored by roller coaster rides, maybe you can try the walking dead type virtual reality game. You will be placed in a prison like area to play this game. I have not tried this one but I have watched those who tried and they seemed very thrilled and entertained.

Horse Wild Riding

Another exiciting game in Virtual World is the horse backriding type of game. You are going to ride a motorized chair that will simulate the horse. I really enjoyed watching the people playing this game because they look very happy playing this game.

The Laser Maze

If you want another type of adventure maybe you could try the laser maze. Maybe you could apply your action moves like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Kinect Dance

If thrill and horror is not your thing, maybe dancing and grooving can make you happy.

The Vive Station

They also have vive station that offers other type of adventures.

Car/Motorcycle Racing

There are also other games like motorcyle and car racing.

Other Details

The price for each game is Php150 per person. Some of the games will last for only 10 minutes some are even lower than that and some are longer. If you want to try it you can visit their place at SM Seaside.

If you have already visited and tried to play the games from this place let us know in the comment below. Maybe you could also help some readers on setting expectations before they visit this place.

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