How To Stay Online With Your Home Wifi During A Power Outage?

Tech | October 24, 2020

Staying online all the time is very important nowadays especially for those who are having an online class or working from home. However, in a country where power outage (brown-out or black-out as other people call it) is very common, staying online at all times is a great challenge.

To resolve this problem, I look for way on how I can stay online even if there is power interruptions or power outage in my place. After doing some few Googling, I learned that the tools needed to resolve this problem are just very easy to find in Lazada or Shopee.

Power Requirements of Home Wifi

Before anything else, it is important that you check the power requirements of your Globe-At-Home or PLDT-Home wifi first. This is very important so that you will not end up buying a tool that is not compatible to your device. Usually home wifi devices only requires a 12V and 1 Ampere of power or 12-Watts. You can check the power requirements at the back or bottom of your device.

What I will be showing to you in this guide is my Globe-At-Home wifi that requires 12-Watts. Again, check your device now because you need to consider the power requirements of your device when buying the needed tools.

Needed Tools

Home Wifi to Powerbank Cable

Home wifi to powerbank cable, 12V.

First tool that we need is a wifi to powerbank cable that supports 12V charging. This is a cable where one end is like a USB head and the other end is like the tip of your Globe-At-Home or PLDT Home wifi charger.

You can buy this cable in Lazada for just Php95. This cable does not actually convert 5V to 12V so do not expect that to happen using this cable. For this to work we need to have a powerbank that supplies a 12V/1A of power or 12-Watts output from a powerbank. If your home wifi requires more than 12 Watts of power, then this tool might not work for you. That is why you need to check the power required by your home wifi, to be sure that everything is aligned.

Romoss Powerbank

Romoss powerbank that can deliver 12V/1A of power.

The next tool needed is powerbank that produce at least 12-Watts of power. Check your powerbank before you buy it so that it will not get wasted for this purpose. You need your powerbank to at least give you 12V and 1A of power or 6V and 2A of power. Either of that should work because both will produce 12-Watts of power.

For the powebank, I recommend this one in Lazada. It has a max power output of 5V/3.0A or 15-Watts maximum power output. Please buy at your own risk and kindly double check the specs of the device. I also tried this method using a powerbank with only 10-Watts of power output (5V/2A powerbank) and my Globe-At-Home wifi still works. But I do not recommend this one because this might cause some damage to your device. Just to be sure, it would be recommended to have at least 12-watts of power output from the powerbank.

Powerbank Powered Home-Wifi

Powerbank powered Globe-At-Home Wifi

This is how the system looks like, just very simple, right?

Once you have all the requirements above, you can now start using your wifi without plugging into the 220-Volts power outlet. Just connect the cable to the 12-Watts powerbank. Then connect the other end to your home-wifi. Now you can be onlined even during black-out or when there is a power outage in your area.

Powerbank powered Globe-At-Home Wifi

A powerbank powered Globe-At-Home.

I think you can also try this method with PLDT-Home wifi. If you have tried it please let us know in the comments below.

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