GOMO Sim Review

Tech | April 1, 2021


Last October 2020, a new digital telco called GOMO was launched in the Philippines. Many people were excited on their big data promos with no expiration date. However, some of us are also hesitant to buy a sim or avail their services because we are not sure if this will work in our area. So I decided to create an article about it so that everyone can have enough information to decide if they should buy GOMO or not.

What is GOMO?

GOMO is the newest digital telco in the Philippines. It is operating using Globe Telecom's network. In some reports that I have read, GOMO is also operating in 3 other countries like Singapore, Ireland and Thailand. In all of these countries that they are operating, GOMO does not own any radiofrequency.

Hence, in order to operate, GOMO is entering a business agreement with other Mobile Network Operators to power their services. So I think, it is safe to assume that GOMO is operating somehow similar to ABS-CBN mobile before, which is operated by ABS-CBN network and powered by Globe Telecom.

What makes GOMO different?

With current telco doupoly set-up in our country today, almost all of the data promos we have right now has either data cap or expiration date. These two are the biggest concerns among consumers right now. If we buy a promo with big data allocation, there is a big chance that we will not consume all of those data before its expiration date. That is very disappointing right? If we also buy an 'unlimited' data promo, we all know that it is really not unlimited because there is a data cap of 800MB/day.

Then here it comes GOMO that is offering a NO EXPIRY data! What a deal right? This is a true game changer. What is even mind blowing is that, on some special occasions, like the latest shopee 4.4 sale, GOMO offers an unlimited promo.

Aside from that it also has an offer that allows you to convert your data into texts and/or calls, again with NO EXPIRY! You might be amazed right now but at the back of your head it is saying, is it really true? Does it really have no any hidden data capping like Globe and Smart?

GOMO's Offers, No Expiry Data

Last month I bought my GOMO sim in Shopee for a price of Php299 with free delivery charges nationwide. After a week or so, I have received the GOMO simcard. I was so excited to try it, so I immediately downloaded the GOMO app, activated the sim and then I started using it.

Now the first thing that you need to consider before buying this sim is to test if Globe Telecom's signal is good in your area. As I mentioned earlier, GOMO is powered by Globe Telecom.

If your Globe signal is weak and you are planning to use GOMO on any hard to move wifi modem, then I suggest not buy GOMO. But if you are planning to use GOMO as your secondary or back-up sim in your dual sim smartphone, then I think it is ok to have GOMO sim in it.

Even if you cannot use it while you are in your house, it is just there. When you go outside where Globe's signal is good, that's the time you can then use your data.

Going to its promos, GOMO sim card has a free 30GB No Expiry data. The price of this is Php299 or Php9.967/GB. If you are the type who only uses data for important things I bet this 30GB could really last longer that will eventually help you save some money.

This is a good promo for those who are really on a budget for their data allocation. However, if you are a heavy data user this one might not be a good option for you.

Globe-at-Home's 30GB promo is priced at Php199 or Php6.633/GB but this is with expiry date-- 7 days. If you think 30GB is not enough for you in 7 days, then I would suggest that you buy Globe-at-Home's promo or any other promo from another network. GOMO has unlimited promo but this only happens on special occasions.

This coming Shopee 4.4 sale, I think they are offering again an unlimited promo for 1 month at Php499. This is a good deal, however there is a catch, the unlimited promo is capped at 5Mbps internet speed. This would have been a better deal if the speed is capped at 10Mbps. Nonetheless, unlimited data at 5Mbps speed is still a decent offer, right?

As a final take, GOMO's offers are really good especially for those users who only uses data for important things. But if you are a heavy data users, I suggest that you weigh your options carefully. Take into considerations comparing the value of every GB data in each promo, how long will it last and how you should use it with time to maximize your money's worth. Personally, GOMO is a good buy and a good alternative to the existing promos we have from Globe and Smart. The option to convert the data into text and calls, with no expiry, is really something that makes this new digital telco stands out from others.

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