SM Group's Biggest Project Will Soon Rise In Cordova

Blog | October 27, 2019

SM Mall of Asia's big globe in Pasay City, Philippines

The once sleeping town of Cordova, Cebu is going to be awakened by its biggest development that will soon be realized in the island town. SM Group of Companies is planning to have a 1,500-hectares reclamation project that will soon house the grandest infrastructures ever built in the town. With the third bridge coming and with this reclamation project, Cordova is all set to become one of the future premier tourist destination in the country.

SM Group's Grandiose Plan

We all know that SM Group is one of the biggest companies in the country and their capacity to build large infrastructures is already proven and tested. Currently, SM group owns some of the biggest malls in the world. Their upcoming project in Cordova is said to turn the town into becoming the "Sentosa" of Cebu.

Sentosa is an island resort in Singapore. It is one of the most progressive and tourist-magnet in that country. Cordova is going to be patterned to Sentosa but I think in a different way.

SM's plan is said to convert the reclamation into 5 small islands that will be connected by a bridge. These 5 islands will be separated by a canal similar to Venice, Italy. Fishing boats of the locals will be allowed to pass in these bridges. Looks spectacular right?

Not only that, the project will also house a football field and a municipal hall (which will soon be converted into a city hall once Cordova become a city). The town is also going to set some space where a university, hospital and sports center insfrastructures will be built. These are definitely good for the people in Cordova and its neighboring baranggays in Lapu-lapu.

People in Cebu City and Talisay City will also benefit greatly in this developments because when the third bridge is completed in 2022, access to Cordova will become very easy and convenient.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of an arena yet. I was hoping a huge arena will also be included in this project but so far, there is no mention about it. But we will never know, one day they would realize that Cebu has no huge arena yet that will host big international concerts and sporting events.

Nonetheless, this project is expected to become the main economic driver of the town and will turn Cordova as one of the premier tourist destinatin in the country.

Cebu-Getafe Bridge

Aside from the third bridge that will link Cebu mainland to Mactan island, there is also a plan to build a bridge that will link Mactan Island to the island Bohol.

This bridge is said to connect Cebu to Getafe, Bohol. If this happens, this will further position Cordova to be the premier gateway of Cebu and Bohol and will certainly boost further its economic standing.

The bridge that will connect Cebu and Bohol is not yet certain but I think the last time I heard about this is that feasibiliy study is on-going. I will be making another article about this soon.

Project Status

As of this writing the feasibility study for this project is almost completed. It is facing some delay though, but the project seemed to push through despite these delays. So hopefully, this project can soon overcome all of the obstacles and construction can begin immediately so that the people can already reap the benefits of these developments in terms of more jobs for the people, improve facilities and services of the town and new destination to relax and enjoy life.

I will be updating this article for new developments, so keep visiting this article from time to time for more updates in the future.

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