How To Solve The Error In Unlocking Globe-At-Home S10G?

Technology | December 25, 2020

If you are encountering any error in following the steps to unlock or openline your Globe-At-Home S10G model, then this article will guide you on how to resolve that error or issue.

Previous Steps No Longer Work for S10G Model

Last September, I created an article on how to unlock or openline a Globe-At-Home wifi modem. I created this article based on my personal experience, so those steps mentioned in the article are indeed tried and tested. Everything works fine until this month when suddenly my Globe-At-Home wifi (S10G model) no longer accepts a Smart LTE sim.

At first, I thought someone has done a reset to the modem but when I checked there was no sign of it being resetted. So I tried to do the unlocking steps again but when I reached the part wherein you need to replace the 'router_settings' in the url with 'mcc_mnc_locking' the page no longer redirect to the mcc_mnc_locking page. It was very frustrating! The same also goes in accessing for the 'frequency' band page.

I tried the steps several times but it no longer allows me to access the frequency band page and mcc_mnc_locking page. So, I suspected that something must have been changed in Globe-at-Home's S10G model. I thought at first that Globe is already blocking its users to access the frequency band and the mcc_mnc_locking page until I accidentally discovered where to find it.

Where To Access The Frequency and Mcc_Mnc_Locking Page?

I am not sure yet if this one will work on all S10G model I suspect the firmware version might be a factor to consider but nevertheless if the steps mentioned in my previous article no longer works for you maybe you could try this one. So, if you have not tried any unlocking process yet, I suggest you first try the old steps presented in my previous article as I am not going to present all the steps in this article. I will only show what has changed from the previous steps. I posted the link below of my previous article.

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Guide On How To Unlock Or Openline A Globe-At-Home Wifi Modem

Here is a guide on how to unlock or openline your Globe-At-Home wifi...

To begin with, you need to login to your Globe-at-Home's home address, these are steps 1-3 in my previous article.


Once you are logged-in, click the 'Quick Settings' button, the page should re-direct you to the quick settings wizard showing you how to change your SSID. You may NOT need to change anything here.


Cick the 'Next' button at the mid-right portion of the page. It should now redirect you to the 'Security Mode' page. Again you may NOT need to change anything in your security details here.

globe-at-home url
globe-at-home url

While in the 'Security Mode' page, change the 'quick_settings' in the url with 'mcc_mnc_locking' then hit 'Enter'. You should now have access to the mcc_mnc_locking page. You can then continue the process by following the steps 6 and 7 in my previous article.

You can also do the same to access the frequency band. That's it! I hope this one will work for you too. Let us know in the comment section below.

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