Construction Update of the Third Bridge Connecting Mainland Cebu To Mactan Island

Cebu | August 23, 2020

on-going contruction of the third cebu-mactan bridge

On-going construction of the third bridge connecting mainland Cebu to Mactan island.

The 8.5 kilometer bridge that will link mainland Cebu to the town of Cordova in Mactan island is seemingly making significant progress amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As visibly seen while traveling to the southern part of Cebu via South Road Properties (SRP), the mega structure is already taking shape nearing its completion.

We can already see its huge foundations lining up in the sea going towards Mactan island. This Php30-billion mega project, officially named Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) is set to be completed by 2021.

on-going contruction of the third cebu-mactan bridge

Manny Pangilinan's MPIC is leading the project under Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

Part of the bridge that will rise above the coastal road in SRP is already taking shape, a clear indication that the bridge's construction is making progress despite the problems with the pandemic. The structures as it stand above the coastal road of SRP will indeed make you feel excited especially if you are frequently travelling from mainland Cebu to Mactan island.

Those who are living in Lapu-lapu City and in the town of Cordova will have an easy access going to SRP and vice versa. The same goes for people living in the southern part of Cebu who are going to the airport from their home or vice versa.

The third bridge is officially known as Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)

As of April 30, 2020, the project is said to be at 57% complete. Once completed this bridge will ask for a toll fee for the passing motorists. This is because this project is mainly financed by the private sector under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Once completed, it will become the longest bridge in the country dethroning the San Juanico bridge which only stands at 2.2 kilometers.

on-going contruction of the third cebu-mactan bridge

In a report by rappler last December 2019, it was mentioned that the bridge is designed to withstand a magnitude 7.75 earthquake and strong winds of up to 250 km/hr. This is good, because looking at the bridge, it will really make you feel scared considering its height. You might imagine what will happen to you if you are travelling on the bridge and the earthquake strikes or a typhoon is ravaging the area.

on-going contruction of the third cebu-mactan bridge

But setting aside fears of natural calamity, the bridge is indeed a wonderful addition to Cebu's rapidly growing infrastructures. It is also expected to help in easing the worsening traffic in Cebu city and its neighboring cities and municipalities. Morever, it will also provide easy access for people living in the southern part of Cebu to the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

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