The Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Gadget | April 11, 2018

Xiaomi Redmi 5A

The Xiaomi Redmi 5A was released in the Philippines last December 2017. It is making rounds in the market today because it falls into a lower price range category despite of having competitive features.

This made me curious about it, prompting me to take a look on it and see if it is really worth for its price. Here's my take with this device.

The Good Points

The Redmi 5A is priced at around Php4,300, a price range that is considered to be affordable among consumers who are conscious about their budget. However, despite falling into the lower price range category, this phone is packed with lots of good and interesting features.

The very first thing I would like to point for this phone is its RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). Despite its affordable price, this phone still has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM at minimum. This is already enough to execute the simple and not so simple task that you want to run in the device. Aside from that, its storage is expandable up to 126GB through an SD card. Not bad!

Then its battery is more than enough to run your day at 3000 mAh. Aside from that its rear camera is 13MP which I think is decent enough in taking good photos. It also has its corresponding filters and camera features like HDR, Panorama, Lowlight enhancements among others.

Aside from that, it has also a bigger screen measuring at 5". It has accelerometer, gyro, proximity and all other basic sensors that you can typically see in the middle lower ad middle budget smartphones. It runs on the latest Android 7 version (Nougat). Quiete impressive.

The Bad Points

Though the device is cheap it does not mean that its quality is bad. Xiaomi has become the leading smartphone in India and other Southeast Asian countries. However, its after-sales service has not been tested yet in the Philippines. Unlike with other known brands in the country (LG, Apple or Samsung), Xiaomi is yet to show to the country how good are they in taking care of their customers beyond point of sale.


No doubt, despite its price, Xioami Redmi 5A is a good alternative for the budget conscious consumer. Though, there is doubt in its after-sales service, this might worth the risk. After all they have managed to be number 1 in India and am sure they have done it probably with good after-sales service.

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