Guide On How To Unlock Or Openline A Globe-At-Home Wifi Modem

Tech | September 12, 2020

Not all area across the country are blessed with strong network coverage from both Globe and PLDT-Smart. In most area only one network dominates at a time. There are times that Globe has the better internet connection and there are also times that it will become annoyingly weak. To fill this gap, some of us are buying one wifi modem for each network. However, not everyone can afford this kind of set-up as wifi modems can be very expensive for some.

Globe's wifi modem, the Globe-At-Home is sold for Php999 with free 10GB of data. PLDT Home Wifi, is a bit expensive which is sold at Php1,999. Sometimes, PLDT has a promo that lower the price of their product to just Php995 but this is easily sold out to resellers. On the other hand, Globe seems to have a fixed rate for their Globe-At-Home. So, people are more inclined to buy Globe-At-Home because it is way cheaper.

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Difference of Postpaid Modem and Prepaid Modem

Before anything else, it is good to note that Globe-At-Home comes with different models. In my case, I have two modems right now. One is from postpaid which I used solely for work and the other is a prepaid which I used for other purpose like viewing Youtube videos, playing Mobile Legends, watching Kapamilya shows among others. The postpaid one is a Huawei device (model B315s-938) while the prepaid one is a ZTE (model ZLT-S10G). Both are working fine but the one from Huawei drives better signal.

The Huawei modem from Globe-At-Home postpaid comes with an antenna and a promised speed of 10Mbps. The plan is Php1299 with 150GB of monthly data. This modem is strictly guarded as I could not able to unlock it easily. On the other hand, my prepaid modem was easily unlocked. I already unlock my ZTE device and I already use it with a Smart LTE sim. When Globe's speed is slow, I will insert the Smart sim and vice versa. This set-up works for me and I hope it will also work for you.

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Unlocking Globe-At-Home's Prepaid Modem (ZLT-S10G)

Unlocking the Globe-At-Home's prepaid modem is just very easy and here are the steps:

1. Using your browser, go to the local IP address of your Globe-At-Home device. If you do not have this information, you can normally find it at the bottom of your modem. Usually, the IP address for Globe-At-Home is, copy this and paste it into your browser's URL address, then hit 'Enter'.

Globe at Home

2. It should now bring you to the 'index_status' page. At the top right corner, click 'Login'.

Globe at Home Index Status

3. Enter your username and password. Again, this information is available at the bottom of your modem. If you cannot find it, normally the default username is 'user' and the default password is '@l03e1t3'. (Note: next to '@' is the small version of letter 'L') If somebody has changed these credentials already, then you cannot use it. In this case you need to reset the modem.

Globe at Home Login

4. In the dashboard, click Device Settings>Advance Settings>DHCP.

Globe at Home DHCP

5. In the browser's url, replace the '#router_setting' with '#mcc_mnc_locking'.

Globe at Home Router Setting

Globe at Home mcc mnc locking

6. You should now be seeing the field 'Enable MCC|MNC Locking', now select 'Disabled'.

Globe at Home DHCP

7. Add the MCCMNC code for Smart or whatever network you want. To add the code you just need to enter the code in 'PLMN' field then click 'Add'. The MCCMNC code for Smart is 51503; Sun is 51505; Globe are 51501 and 51502.

You can check this page to see the full list of MCCMNC codes by country. Once you have added all of the codes you want, click 'Apply'. The device will then restart and you can now insert a Smart or Sun sim to the device.

Selecting A Specific Frequency For Better Signal

The Globe-At-Home (ZLT-S10G) wifi is operating at 4 different frequency bands, namely: band3, band28, band40 and band41. In some specific location, one band is stronger while all others are weak. You need to do speed test for each band in order to know which one is stronger in your area. To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Re-execute steps 1-4 from the previous steps above.

2. In the browser's url, replace the '#router_setting' with '#frequency' then hit enter. Globe at Home Router Setting

Globe at Home frequency

3. In the 'Frequency Locking' you can see the four bands being checked. This is the default setting for the frequency. You may try to check only one of these bands, then click 'Apply'. The device will then attempt to restart to apply the new band selected.

Once the device is working again, you can now connect and conduct a speed test. Do this for every band, until you can identify which band is the strongest in your area. However, please note that band performance may vary from time to time. So one band could be stronger at one moment and then very weak on the other time. Globe at Home Frequency Locking


Globe-At-Home prepad wifi is a good buy during this pandemic and while waiting for the third telco. In my experience, at least in our area, Globe is somehow delivers better service than before.

On the other hand, PLDT-Smart's promo are simply copies of Globe's, it only differs a little in terms of data allocation. However, I observe that PLDT-Smart's data monitoring is a little bit conservative, favoring us, the subcribers. I am not sure about this, but I do really feel that I can do more with PLDT-Smart's 1GB allocation compared to Globe. But this is just my observation, let me know in the comments section below if you agree with this or not. Anyway, I am only expressing my opinion and sharing with you my knowledge about this topic. Over-all both networks are improving and their services are getting better and better. Hopefully with Dito's entry, we can see some more improvements particularly in speed, coverage and data allocation.

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